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“For many, Lent has become an empty ritual, but what is it really meant to be? The goal of Lent is not to give things up, but to reorient our hearts toward Christ.”
-Matt Chandler, Pastor of The Village Church (TX)

Lent is a season of prayer and fasting spanning from Ash Wednesday to Easter. Symbolizing the 40 days of fasting in the wilderness by Jesus, we as the church unite together seeking God’s will and resting in His promise as we let go of certain things to be filled with greater things!

Restoration Church invites you to participate in this season with us beginning this Wednesday, February 14, 2018. In fact, we invite you to our Wednesday Gathering 6:30PM this Ash Wednesday (yes, we know its Valentines Day) at 2929 Metairie Court, Metairie, LA 70002 as we embark on this season together. Can’t make it this Wednesday? No problem. See the information below and join us any Sunday 10:30AM or Wednesday 6:30PM.

We will follow these weekly patterns of fasting and prayer:

Week #1 – Food
Week #2 – TV & Movies
Week #3 – Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) & Internet
Week #4 – Caffeine & Sweets
Week #5 – Radio & Music
Week #6 – Shopping (Non-Essentials)
Week #7 – Sleep

You might see some of these as drastic. Should I give up all food for a week? What do you mean by fasting sleep? Isn’t sleep good? We want to provide you with assistance through your journey and help you figure out what essential things and to what limits you believe the Holy Spirit is calling you to let go. It may be lunch for a week. It may be an hour less sleep for an hour more of prayer. It may be something else entirely.

Weekly guides will be available at Sunday Gathering 10:30AM and Wednesday Gathering 6:30PM for Restoration Church. The devotional guide we will be using can also be found here: https://d1nwfrzxhi18dp.cloudfront.net/uploads/resource_library/attachment/file/847/TVC-Resources-Lent-Guide-2017-Web.pdf

We encourage you to fill out this form and get connected with a church pastor or leader who can assist you and pray alongside you during this season: