RC_Dean Ross_Staff Photo

Dean finds himself planting a church in the city he was born:  Metairie, LA.  With deep local roots and a passion for Jesus, God led him into full-time ministry following Hurricane Katrina to see restoration, renewal, and revival come to New Orleans.  He is married to Laura residing in Metairie, LA, with their 3 boys: Colden, Braden, and Ashden.

RC_Brett Weller_Staff Photo

Brett’s mission in his native city of New Orleans is driven by a passion for Jesus to be the center of all our worship and creativity.  As an local artist and musician, he is passionate and in tune with the heartbeat of the music and arts scene of our city and region.  He is married to Anna residing in Metairie, LA, with their newborn daughter Eleanor.

Executive Oversight Board:

  • Tim Williams (Williams Blvd Baptist Church)
  • Jamie Elliott (Williams Blvd Baptist Church)
  • Dean Ross (Restoration Church)
  • Brett Weller (Restoration Church)
  • Lane Corley (Bridge Church)

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